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Letter "v" 5 days ago:   I am nazim ezzzzzz 8 days ago:   always not working 60 days ago:   New web design is awful. Fund comparison tool does not work. When choose funds to compare, get message "Only mutual funds and etfs can be compared." Previous great comparison capability is completely gone. Design is clunky, non user friendly, big gaps between rows, lacks instructions, ... 24 days ago:   Vans app not working. Says try back later. This is week 2 of the app not working 81 days ago:   Badly maintained site, but absolute morons. Also lots of downtime on elements you would expect to work. Like the chat, not being accessible multiple times a day (every day!) and the video stuttering or not being able to play at all. ... 112 days ago:   Couldn't watch anything 5 days ago:   almost 1 year using this... never failed to be inconsistent..... 66 days ago:   Not showing car's history for weeks. I wonder if they now switched to pay mode? ???? 16 days ago:   App is not working 82 days ago:   Didn't solve problem 25 days ago:   Haven't been able to use our cells at home with Verizon --says NO service or 1x.... no text, no calls , doesn't ven ring... have called for 2 weeks... Was told it's a tower issue, but no call backs or fix yet. Also, ... 78 days ago:   Keeps saying lost connection, 1x everyone should receive discount for the past week if we don't pay the bill we loose the service but when we pay and have no service it doesn't matter. Bad service from the store from the customer service online or ... 5 days ago:   Can login to account but whatever i click on leads to a blank page - cant pay a bill! 110 days ago:   I've had the same exact problem as Lisa. It's so annoying. 50 days ago:   Unable to set up how to receive payments. Told last week there's a technical difficulty and still the same now. Unable to get paid until this is fixed. 77 days ago:   useless having to reinstall every day is too much 62 days ago:   I change my browser and it works now! It seems that firefox has issues with the sites? 7 days ago:   its glitches alot but what i like that its ads free however it has a (LOT) of bugs 29 days ago:   Yeah same how’s it work I was in the middle of a battle of the slots getting a huge win. But the time will of run out. So my score is gonna be weak. I had loads of spins left an a rebuy still. Deffo ... 81 days ago:   After clicking download button, home page is opening automatically and there is some issue about it. 40 days ago:   its not working 77 days ago:   deez 60 days ago:   Same as others. Roku won't play my 'continue' shows. Says "oops try loading it later". Other shows are not blocked. Weird. 7 days ago:   Bloody app keeps stipping 14 days ago:   I can’t access Vinted and need to check if I’ve received payment asap 8 days ago:   Can't join flying club. Can't book flight. Website doesn't seem to work properly. 86 days ago:   For now Download from this Index: 27 days ago:   Consistently poor network connection. 46 days ago:   just logged in 50 days ago:   Luton 7 days ago:   When I watch my soap opera after the commercials it starts over again to be beginning of the soap opera so I you can satisfy me if you guys can fix it ... 7 days ago:   Nice-looking 119 days ago:   Very useful website for bloggers 16 days ago:   Cannot log in tried on different laptops 85 days ago:   stupid and expensive, its horrible, today no coverage 18 days ago:   Currently I can't use all of my website and e-mail with vodien. 75 days ago:   new update broke the app and i went through a very inconvenient uninstall process to re download because supposedly other people got an update 31 days ago:   When I try to sign in as a returning customer, error message says server cannot be found 28 days ago:   They have gone downhill!!! 6 days ago:   3 days in a row no access to the app 38 days ago:   kill feature made me happy.. but now i am facing a problem. that is the website is loading forever. 85 days ago:   affordable and good hosting 6 days ago:   Terrible. The app is awful. No ne of the links to information about your booking work. I had to text my host to find out key code, Wi-Fi, directions, etc. The app is awful and so is your customer service. ... 3 days ago:   It's servers are down, :(( 8 days ago:   free avis 37 days ago: 37 days ago:   Years of movie purchasing a great way to save them 52 days ago:   VU lms is not working we are stucked while uploading the assignment 22 days ago:   None of Vuse sites worldwide are accessible 58 days ago:   Shit bank and shot website 6 hours ago:   Fmovies is as Streaming Platform that offer a extensive variety of motion and powerful movies whether or not thrill rides, interest films, repulsiveness, or some exceptional type, you could see those at no cost on line and not using a fee. ... 7 hours ago:   Ugh no! What's wrong vyvy???