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Letter "b" 16 days ago:   You guys are filling me up with questions to answer take it easy then i can answer them all 11 days ago:   Can't login to app or website. Says try later. Been trying a couple of days now. 18 days ago:   Cannot log in to site. I get a message that says "Loading" but the site simply reverts to the login page. 8 days ago:   all day the websites and I get such a weird error message: Warning: require_once(BBC/Micro/Bootstrap.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/webapps/ on line 8 ... 30 days ago:   What is going on here ? My business account is showing much less then it should have I took out some money and now shows more then it said I had this is crazy please get this problem resolved hard to run a business ... 18 days ago:   Having issues logging in 112 days ago:   Website 10 days ago:   Bible hub not working from iphone app - it has been weeks now 6 days ago:   Desktop version not working. Says to click on forgot password for the new login button so you can reset. No email has been received with new instructions to reset. Why is it so hard to maintain a working website. ... 18 days ago:   Exchange not working 14 days ago:   How can the whole damn website be down, this is bullshit. 8 days ago:   não faz login na app nem na web 58 days ago:   me too