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Letter "n" 87 days ago:   Hello, The "Compass Metal Detector Forum" has been down for days on end. Will it come back? 3 days ago:   EU. no site. mining stopped. 107 days ago:   Can't log in 17 days ago:   This server status is inaccurate and incomplete. is simply the web server. If the website is up it will always say up. The authentication server used for login is a separate server with no status tracking available. This website is useless for anything that ... 12 days ago:   Attempting to look at my annuity info I get a "504 Gateway Time-Out" . I've tried different browsers, Login, etc is ok. But trying to look at my account gets the timeout error. And no one is there to answer the phone. Yuk! ... 86 days ago: not opening since 3 days what wii do 59 days ago:   can't access the website. 51 days ago:   Server Error in '/' Application 98 days ago:   Cant^ 44 days ago:   I cannot access NCBI for my research. Don't know if it is actually down or not because this site says it is up. 20 hours ago:   App & Website down 48 days ago:   I can't log in. 2 days ago:   From one of SA's top Banking Apps to a pretty big drop in ratings...and clearly Nedbank show zero concern... 10 days ago:   This is MY NT MODELS, Your post is good. website:- 38 days ago:   tried all 4 different website iterations and they all timeout and am unable to open the website 16 days ago:   I just tried it tonight and I'm getting connection timing out 99 days ago:   Can log in but can’t do anything 2 days ago:   Can't log in and not able to checkout 102 days ago:   Log-in screen does nothing 23 days ago:   503 error when trying to go into a CCNA course. 98 days ago:   down for me 59 days ago:   They need to hurry up and fix this shit 27 days ago:   Fix your God damn website and app. We can't access our accounts you monsters 79 days ago:   Website 19 days ago:   My app keeps closing down after a few seconds it’s open. I’ve deleted app and re installed but still occurring. 92 days ago:   Links open to blank page 36 days ago:   it stuck on main page 9 days ago:   Newser page on netzero. Loads headlines but when I try to read the article it says ;Not connected to internet." But I am connected on every other site and even Netzero. I can get to my email. Its just Newser. ... 17 hours ago:   They have been blocked on every platform, Ahhh yes freedom of speech, freedom of da press! Brandon and Oligards at work> 52 days ago:   Log in on site. It keeps telling me that my email address isn't valid. 39 days ago:   Been trying for 2 days to use payment page just get the circle going round and round. 10 days ago:   Website nor app is loading 3 days ago:   having issues with nfl fantasy app. it keeps popping up something went wrong and cant get on site. Anyone else having issues 7 days ago:   Website is down 6 days ago:   Nothing is working 62 days ago:   Login and password change issues. Nikon *&$%^^# Have to add. Rumor states their 400mm will have their 1.4 tele... Really? 6 days ago:   Video not playing 78 days ago:   The robot issue no matter how many times i try select pictures still can’t pass 9 days ago:   Server unreachable. 98 days ago:   Fails to login to premium account due to a "captcha error", but I don't even see the captcha. 110 days ago:   Website loads only blank white page. Cleared cache/cookies does nothing. 4 days ago:   Same 101 days ago:   Unable to connect 65 days ago:   Is Norton vault down? 2 days ago:   General Outage 11 days ago: is not responding 1 day ago:   Keeps asking for my password. 3 days ago: won't load, attempted states Cloudflare DNS requests being blocked. Changed DNS resolvers and flushed DNS cache, cleared browser cookies and cache. still refuses to load acrossed multiple devices on wifi even 4G LTE ... 19 days ago:   I cant book a pick up