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Letter "n" 107 days ago:   Toxic community. Moderator Christopher bans people for simply disagreeing with him, he definitely like having control over people. 55 days ago:   This site is out of service since few days. I am very disappointed. 77 days ago:   Nanopool has been down for over 24 hrs, what is the best alternative? 19 days ago:   It does not work. Will not load. Won’t allow us to use more than one device even though we could do this before we updated the app yesterday. Hopeless. 88 days ago:   nice work 33 days ago:   It keeps telling me there is a virus 74 days ago:   In the middle of studying and the site went down. Please fix 20 days ago:   how much time to wait 48 days ago:   Trying to log into my Navient account and all I get is a black screen 31 days ago:   Website never seems to work. 99 days ago:   Fixed! Used and it worked 12 days ago:   horrible 8 days ago:   very unhappy.. cant log in for the past 3hrs 11 days ago:   happy 111 days ago: 110 days ago:   NM website does not load. Thank you 11 days ago:   Cannot login gives error. 29 days ago:   502 Bad Gateway error 23 days ago:   Couldn't sign in via Apple, cleared cookies, and now can't reach the site at all. 55 days ago:   Bruins game disruption 10 days ago:   Refused ALL my credit cards today, they work on other sites. 87 days ago:   I'm trying to access to my sunday tasks and I'm getting 503 errors. 21 days ago:   the userface and player is all messed up today, tried to contact chat, but the answer was so stupid and retatered that I suspect Netflix have been hacked and the chat was a scam for informations to hack me. - Im not a conspiration theorist, ... 7 days ago:   Nighthawk not booting back up; related to issues for 2 security advisories issued today on 6/29 13 days ago:   I've have never had a problem getting customer service but I've been trying for a least an hour and I'm not getting anyone. 28 days ago:   A truly awful program. 4 days ago:   I've had my email with them for over 20 years. It has NEVER worked perfectly. Too many of my contacts have this email address of mine to change. I've given up reporting most problems since it doesn't do any good. FREE email ... 53 days ago:   Too slow 72 days ago:   Can’t load the Oz 25 April 97 days ago:   Web site not functioning properly 12 days ago:   Can't get Newsmax it's about to week' what's going on? 3 days ago:   Can’t use vouchers have been trying all evening 28 days ago:   My life is being threatened by women on Nextdoor, Now I’m kicked off for 3 days. She is now stalking me on Facebook, Nextdoor, PM’s, SM’s, calling me on the phone all with threats and absolute disgustingly volgar language has also called by ... 16 days ago:   Scam 14 days ago:   we lost all the good modders because of nexus bull shit 2 days ago:   The apps been down for close to a month on my phone it's really annoying 89 days ago:   Unable to open game info or news etc 96 days ago:   Unable to access the app 31 days ago:   Jim Caviezal SOUND OF FREEDOM MOVIE ON CHILD TRAFFICKING RIGGED DINESH MOVIE THE SELECTION CODE 7/2022 2000 MULES MOVIE yes the FRAUD is massive in 2020 and before. BEHOLD A PALE HORSE BOOK BY WILLIAM COOPER BEGINNING OF Q ANON TELLS IT ALL BEST KEPT SECRET by Sean ... 32 days ago:   check out not working 81 days ago:   I cannot edit my address or add a new one 52 days ago:   It won’t let me connect with my cloud save 41 days ago:   Services slow as snails, stupid as hell, problematic as politic 15 days ago:   Servers always down. Can never talk to anyone 20 days ago:   Site is not responding 16 days ago:   ❤️️ 77 days ago:   PSEG computer system has been down since yesterday afternoon or earlier. They can provide no worry free services even when called due to their computer outage. 20 days ago:   I just can't understand... I'm on a prepaid account with the electric company and all these extra fees are being taking. Now when I talked to Saundra she says cause I'm using 22.00 a day. I've never used that much. Just me and two young ... 107 days ago:   Since february the app is slow to update articles 74 days ago:   Its working perfect 19 hours ago:   Nonoh is out of business? I did try everything, Just can not open from computer. On my iphone the apps seems to be working. 14 days ago:   website will not load 63 days ago:   clunky 51 days ago:   cringe range error 22 mins ago:   can someone in the discussion tell me why these people are raging 7 year olds trying to play roblox and gacha club but getting mad cause of how you made it ? their not gonna fix it if you guys keep complaining for them to ... 105 days ago:   I'm not able to submit my assignment although I have submit it before due date

@Nsv.mod.Uk 97 days ago:   I did get in to put my username and password in but its saying my account is locked cause they are doing maintenance on it it will let u know when it's back up and running ... 4 days ago:   Unable to send with email addresses. Been two weeks now, virgin are useless... 23 days ago:   It hasn't worked for days. As of 6/13/22 I can't get through to BUY software, usually a tab that works anywhere. 26 days ago:   they have easily sorted out the small problems, however at the moment I'm unable to use the card since they fail to send me the sms code!!!!! 12 hours ago:   not working 50 days ago:   Garbage 22 days ago:   Career search link does not load, after 20 attempts it displayed only 5 jobs, while 8000 and up jobs available, non of the links actually takes you to "apply" page. 79 days ago:   Loads of photos and info. 47 days ago:   Access Denied at