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Letter "d" 40 days ago:   I can't load the front page of the site. Every time I click on the link, the page take 2 minutes before telling me that "the server where this page is located isn't responding" ... 4 days ago:   Because they suck 84 days ago:   New to DS. Keep getting error messages or freezing while trying to add an avatar pic or do any editing, or reply to post. Or, it simply freezes. What's up? 11 days ago:   Just bought a one year subscription and I can even login and the web bot just try’s to get me to spend more money 53 days ago:   danapardaz is one of the pioneer Saas companies in Iran and provides a high level of customer experience. 36 days ago:   Please may I have few minutes of your time, I am indeed here to introduce a special hacker to everyone that cares. He and he helped me keep track of my cheating wife up until the point when I had to request for divorce and ... 31 days ago:   it is presumably down, cannot log in. 109 days ago:   Campus not working 93 days ago:   I constantly have to reboot the app. All is ok for accouple of days and then it stops. And I can’t close it once I actually do have it open. I actually have to shut off my phone. Not worth it anymore after years of ... 102 days ago:   The Worst. cant log in tried everything No one getting back to davita 78 days ago:   Extremely slow 55 days ago:   Wondering the same thing, Todd. Trying one day after you, and still not coming up. If so, I will miss it; so user friendly, interesting tidbits, and so many ways to search. ... 2 days ago:   Been trying to access returns portal for 2 hours as it will not recognise my order numbers and email or phone number.................this is so annoying! NOw waiting for a reply via Facebook not impressed!! ... 5 days ago:   DeepL app has stopped working. No translation language list. Web site works, but App on Mac, no. Reinstalled but that did not fix. 45 days ago: website is down 90 days ago:   should i be worried... 24 days ago:   DNS failure when trying to navigate site. 1 day ago:   Delta Fly Ready app down, down and down... 39 days ago:   When i Have a coupon applied is when i am allowed to go through checkout. If you dont want us using coupons then take off the "apply coupon" field. 21 days ago:   Terrible. 2 days ago:   can't upload anything 25 days ago:   I’m very frustrated I’m trying to do a transfer of money into another account and it won’t let me 9 days ago:   :( 110 days ago:   Isi setelh gabung dgn trans corp tidak ada mutunya, bahasa beritanya seperti bahasa media gosip 61 days ago:   Informative 36 days ago:   I'm getting the CloudFront error: "403 Error. The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the ... 54 days ago:   Pictures don't load, pages don't load, the option to pick a size or color don't load. The whole website is trash now. 24 days ago:   yooo its back 103 days ago:   Good blog with fast loading time 21 hours ago:   unable to checkout 79 days ago:   well done. 62 days ago:   test 4 days ago:   not loading 59 days ago:   fucking sucks balls 7 days ago:   Not a happy customer 28 days ago:   Lots of buffering 3 days ago:   Website has not worked for me all week.. just says access denied :( 44 days ago:   Disney I can't login 94 days ago:   I cannot even access my e-mail 19 days ago:   For some reason keep saying access denied and that I don’t have permission 33 days ago:   HTTP ERROR 500 70 days ago:   Google DNS down for Spectrum for General Texas area only. Of the Thousands of devices only the once in the Texas area are having issues resolving and other Google DNS. ... 3 days ago:   Phone do not respond . I cant talk or communicate with anybody 8 days ago:   The website loads, but it will not let you login or click anything on the website. 11 days ago:   Disenabling Ad Blocker fixed the white page issue. 6 hours ago:   I want my free pizza and now my log in isn't working and the reset password is not working as well 9 days ago:   Can't advertise on it 19 days ago:   Best free Web Hosting Services provider for 23 days ago:   Totally unresponsive, unusable, 34 days ago:   video can't be played 15 days ago:   Been on the phone for over an hour I done delivery the food and didn’t know where to deliver it to but figure it out and got it to the customers but app says I haven’t arrive at the store yet ... 65 days ago:   cannot get on app to order 11 hours ago:   Unable to register 7 hours ago:   Doublelist deleted my account for supposedly violating their terms of service. They did not inform me of what I did wrong. To this day I would like to know. It was actually a fun site ... 7 days ago:   503 error, help 31 days ago:   Download Hamachi With one click from the web! 19 days ago:   Nice Website! 21 days ago:   down 10 days ago: Watch and download most pupular latest asian,Korean,Taiwanese, Hong Kong,Thailand and Chinese dramas in high quality online free with English Subtitles and Dubbed. 10 days ago:   cannot check out 3 days ago:   When personal computers first came out, most of us adults had no idea how to work them. My son-in-law got tired of answering questions, and turned me on to DSL Reports. That was a gift!! Justine had assembled a bunch of people who were proficient ... 30 days ago:   Can’t complete my order for site issues 47 days ago:   Thank you for nice information. Visit us 68 days ago:   showing "502 - Internal Gateway Error" 42 days ago:   Obviously you can't use EMOJIS on here. 21 days ago:   The web proxy has been replaced with a turkish chat room. 115 days ago:   703 pm EST and not working. 2/1 77 days ago:   Can't get my free beverage. App is not showing offers 31 days ago:   The Duolingo shop is not working 95 days ago:   I have the same, today I visited for the first time in a while and could not login. It seems to log me in and then it redirects to another login page where I again need to login and it doesn't react to my ... 69 days ago:   Believe it or not I went back in my email and this shit happened in 3/19/21 also? DNS down