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Letter "d" 90 days ago:   Can’t search videos anymore 13 days ago:   Daily pay has not updated in the last two days and my time is correct that I enter. Are y’all having tech issues 93 days ago:   hi it's me Chris, we all have been unable to log in, since friday. i wrote to share care on their twitter page. i hope all is fixed soon. 34 days ago:   won't let me login at all 14 hours ago:   Is it telling you that there is a server error? 76 days ago:   Website Outage 6 days ago:   Maybe down due to excessive trolls right now 15 days ago:   App doesn't work.. some other? 113 days ago:   cant ping 4 days ago:   I have spent two days trying to complete my purchase of tickets, everything accepted, flights, seats dates etc., when paying with my credit card they say the 3 digit pin, (cvv) here in Germany, is wrong! Called my bank here and everything is ok with ... 5 days ago:   Well, ok Dennys you lost me order, going somewhere else, where they arent making it so complicated 93 days ago:   It is very suspicious that the online site and app is showing no 2021 information just 2020, all the correspondence for 2021 is gone, payments gone, eligibility gone, and it says now I am on PUA when I am actually and always been on UI. ... 76 days ago:   Unable to upload images into design space 38 days ago:   I just hit "publish" on an Activity, and I'm stuck on the "loading" page. 38 days ago:   website's down for me 60 days ago:   cant buy a label 56 days ago:   Website 7 days ago:   Not loading releases 17 days ago:   I recently went to Discount tire in Merrillville Indiana and submitted my claim. I don't know what is happening with my claim? 57 days ago:   Website. Site: 61 days ago:   Had to call customer service to make payment. The CS Rep had to contact his Manager who told them that Discover's "System was having issues". Payment over the phone went through with no problems and even posted on the Discover website, but a "pending purchase" ... 69 days ago:   Site letting me log in but then displays no Name and no reservations or any detail. Mobile app still showing all. 39 days ago:   Servers down 68 days ago:   HTTP 500 error 25 days ago:   doddle says couldn't connector data base 77 days ago:   Website 26 days ago:   App is not working, restarted my phone, even Uninstaller, then reinstalled, changed my password and it STILL won't work! All my other apps are working fine. Seriously aggravated right now! ... 24 days ago:   not up. can't log in. 38 days ago:   Both Firefox and Chrome show a blank white screen with "Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (developer guidance)." 48 days ago:   Can't send poll to email addresses via Doodle - under 'Invite Participants' the blue box just spins, never completes. 43 days ago:   For me almost 5days, it’s been done, can’t access website, or contact doodlkit via there website. Emailed them, said it’s spammers. Nothing yet. I can’t even set up new website with another company as I need to copy all my info from it. It’s becoming more and ... 35 days ago:   This site can’t provide a secure connection 56 days ago:   Keeps pausing my dash for no reason and all my trouble shooting including uninstalling and reinstalling hasn’t helped 108 days ago:   I have tried to use your website since yester day but keep getting technical problem can't handle your request properly. 115 days ago:   Down 79 days ago:   connection keeps timing out, which is weird as the day prior the site was working fine; please fix ASAP? 108 days ago:   Just getting bad gateway message. 45 days ago:   Seemed to check out and credit card charged, but order not in order history. now can't get app to work. 6 days ago:   fuck fuck ((( 33 days ago:   Can’t log in the app or website 57 days ago:   Guest 24 days ago:   We're sorry – and are currently unavailable En Español | Need help now? Please see below for emergency assistance, outage reporting and other customer service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to restore our website as quickly as possible. ... 7 days ago:   Thank you so much! You are great! Best regards Nour 21 days ago:   website is down