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Letter "d" 13 days ago:   No puedo acceder a mi cuenta 7 days ago:   The "watch" page is "not found." 102 days ago:   can't establish session 57 days ago:   Website is down... 29 days ago:   Cant download access any downloads 5 days ago:   Can't access deeple site 13 days ago:   with many freezes I finally got to the Complete Purchase button and now nothing happens. this company is an embarrassment 6 days ago:   Trash updated mobile app and website doesn't work when checking out. They want me to call. When I do call I'm on hold for as of right now 12 minutes ... 68 days ago:   Page seems to be loading very slowly. Some images are not loading 8 days ago:   The app hasnt worked for 2 days. It said data connection but i have data and wifi. ???? des is gonna mess everyone up and somehow it'll be OUR fault. smh ... 106 days ago:   The website for class isnt working 30 days ago:   Website 90 days ago:   Shows 0.00 dollar amount and that it cant ship to the US Wtf going on 12 days ago:   Website - link to ship now and signing up has been down for at least 6 hours. 97 days ago:   ti am unable to login to dice since morning from 9:00AM EST 75 days ago:   fails on "Read" 117 days ago:   Down 27 days ago:   "Dignity" Health portal to my medical records/lab results has been inoperable at least since June 7 (or before.) I have made multiple calls to the "tech help line" (844-274-8497). Note: this phone number is for a company called PDS which is the ... 14 days ago:   App 48 days ago:   can't log in 55 days ago:   dead as a dodo. 45 days ago:   App is working now! 67 days ago:   DMV now shows my vehicke under my account but when I choose replacement title it gives me a response of "no eligible vehicle" 3 days ago:   "Whoops! We rolled a 1 on our API check. We're heading into town to visit the blacksmith for repairs. Try again after a Short Rest. Error Code 21bd7dbaac9c40ae82b00d21f0b73646 Version 5.1.0" 4 days ago:   you're piece of shit website has not been completing orders for the past week. Do you think you'd wanna fix that? 22 days ago:   Can't edit my poll to add new invitees, can't save any edits at all - red error window pops up. 70 days ago:   They let my domain expire, and do not respond to requests for service. 32 days ago:   504 23 days ago:   Unable to place an order. On website I put in my address, as usual, to see what restaurants are available, but thereafter get a blank page 61 days ago:   down 19 days ago:   What's the problem with the website? Error message: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT 78 days ago:   AHMAD ALAMIN ADAM HAMDAN