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Letter "v" 53 days ago: 73 days ago:   Meh sometimes good free scripts sometimes crapposts 25 days ago:   It never works 79 days ago: 49 days ago:   Gujrat State check post tax not working in construction equipment vehicle there is not showing tax mode 115 days ago:   I've tried signing in for an hour and it won't let me. 14 days ago:   Takes forever to log in and forever to go from screen to screen, IF it works AT ALL! 30 days ago:   yeah it say not found 31 days ago:   giftcards dont work everywhere 57 days ago:   Not loading the cart today. Cleared all Cookies and data. Still no bueno. 45 days ago:   ایبوکالا بهترین فروشگاه آنلاین تجهیزات پزشکی و زیبایی خرید انواع ژل و بوتاکس خرید ماسک و دستکش 46 days ago: 34 days ago:   Still down 89 days ago:   The portal has been down all week 75 days ago: failed downloading: Site is accessibel, also possible to give the download command for any availabe PDF, HOWEVER the download itself continously failed with provided comment: "download failed because of network problems". However the network is fine, so that is NOT the problem. Seems to be ... 8 days ago:   Venmo keeps saying "try again" later. I thought it was because I recently had an unauthorized charge on my bank account but I updated all the info and payment still won't go through. ... 90 days ago:   Love it. Rely in it. Crashing today. 35 days ago:   The network seems to be down in Southern Illinois. It has been down since sometime Jan 3rd. 17 days ago:   Why cant i get onto 26 days ago:   Can’t log in to make payments 2 days ago:   Twice this week I bought somewhere else because site non functional. 3 days ago:   The website is simply not usable. It’s broken. 27 days ago:   I can get on site. But after putting all info (3 times) it won't acknowledge i was there 31 days ago:   Can’t enter email address on tour info page 23 days ago:   Can't send mail 68 days ago:   Not sure if the server is experiencing problems but it just took me over an hour or more to make a small purchase and was unable to get my free shipping. Then automated customer service which was of no help! Horrible waste of time. ... 3 days ago:   This keeps appearing " This video file cannot be played: Error code 232011 6 days ago:   Site down for me too 9 days ago:   still down 30 days ago:   FOR RECOVERING OF STOLEN OR LOST CRYPTOS BACK I lost my bitcoin to fake impostors on Instagram, they contacted me as blockchain official support and I fell stupidly for their mischievous act, this made them gain access into my blockchain wallet account, whereby 4.0938 btc ... 22 days ago:   There are still problems with the site's visuals, it's like they haven't finished loading. 19 hours ago:   Won't play videos, just keeps showing the timer as if it's still loading. 83 days ago:   No ad blocker, no internet issues. I can see and search for videos, but no videos actually play, just the spinning arrow of death. 24 days ago:   I have had problems I can't log in won't let me change password 48 hours now dony know what is going on 79 days ago:   Vinted Canada's website is broken. The login screen "flashes" and then disappears leaving whitepage blank space with no recourse. Vinted was contacted multiple times by a mass of users in Canada who are unable to use their website to no avail. Vinted's helpdesk bot response ... 3 days ago:   Kicked me out for no apparent reason then told me to verify phone number then kept telling me it’s wrong then blocked me for 24 hours. Now what do I do. ???? ... 7 days ago:   I thought my phone is broken. Just Vinted is not scrolling. I'm using from the UK. 112 days ago:   Cannot log it with Google to my account I have many transactions there so please fix the problem as soon as possible 20/10/2022 26 days ago:   Can't join Virgin flying club. Since yesterday, error message reads: "We're really sorry - we have been unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later." Same message whether on chrome, edge, safari and via the ios app. ... 70 days ago:   Cant get passed log in. Just keeps buffering 12 days ago:   Haven’t had any points register for 3 days now. 115 days ago:   Now you can dwnload virtualbox relases from oracle website 7 days ago:   The customer service is terrible. I cannot speech to an actual person. I sent over 50 texts to get a problem solved and still didn’t get it taken care of. I will be dropping them at the end of this billing cycle. ... 6 days ago:   Is back online 17 days ago:   vista print site is never working anymore. I can't get anything done. I will find another source to get my printing done. to bad though because I have my logo saved here but can't access it . I hope this can get resolved ... 5 days ago:   VitalCheck SUCKS! Been on hold for 48 minutes! Some B#$%H picked up, heard what I wanted , and stuck me back on hold! Service is SHIT! 30 days ago:   Great site to watch full and complete movies 30 days ago:   Great site to watch full and complete movies 30 days ago:   Great site to watch full and complete movies 14 days ago:   The site is a cancer, vivastreet helpdesk is arrogant and only cares about taking money for themself, server breaks down all the time, advertises are not going online or being taken offline without any notice. move to,, Friday-add for more friendly sites ... 54 days ago:   Jose 1 day ago:   App is working now I Suddenly Logging and I'm so happy. Please go and Check. 119 days ago:   Osum free blog website to read and write. 11 days ago:   I haven't been able to get on it for months now. It just tells me "server not found," from both laptop and phone. 62 days ago:   Slow and constantly freezes 22 hours ago:   No connection since 08/02 early this morning i.e. 12:30am. What is happening??? 56 days ago:   Pahtetic. 66 days ago:   Internet is getting worse time to look at better options pay good money each month and no improvement 76 days ago:   Email has been down for 3 days with no effective response 18 days ago:   browser checking has no effort and blocks all videos you want to watch. that's crap! dead hoster. 2 days ago:   Unable to check out today.... 109 days ago:   Problème pas de tone le renvoie d'appel ne fonctionne pas 24 hours ago:   Receiving error code 12 days ago:   when i try to do capture the gems it says cant connect 7 days ago:   I have my airbnb and VRBO calendars synced. At some point, this week all of my airbnb bookings disappeared from the VRBO calendar. I spent 30 mins on a chat just to be told they couldn't restore the bookings from airbnb because they were "in ... 78 days ago:   Can't log in or see anything 27 days ago:   very slow response 79 days ago: 53 days ago:   So far no one wants to help sit online and phone for over a hour wIting for someone to h see help me 32 days ago:   Not working 7 days ago:   Bad because I couldn't access my website from yesterday I couldn't able to submit my quiz of cs101 87 days ago:   Can’t load comments. 118 days ago:   The site is either very very slow or freezes at the payment stage. Never had this issue with any other online shop 20 days ago:   will not open configurater 13 days ago:   I was happy though sad that mangaowl was taken down a nd I was upset I lost everything but thanks a to vyvymanga I recovered all my data back and it's like mangaowl never left and I love that ... 31 days ago:   Why I can't find it?