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Letter "a" 32 days ago:   log-in 36 days ago:   Games have not been accessible for past 30 some hours. Have tried three different devices unsuccessfully 31 days ago:   Is abc I view down I can’t access it 6 days ago:   Today I tried to download a 37 article zip multiple times. It failed repeatedly. I am a premium customer. Also when I try to find out who cited me after receiving an email, I get nothing. What did you sell me, Academia? ... 14 days ago:   I'm signing in but its saying I dont have nothing in my cart but I saved stuff in there an says I have but when I click it keeps saying refresh,what's wrong?? ... 10 days ago:   404 Not Found: Requested route ('') does not exist. 29 days ago:   It just vanished after my last software update july 2021 10 days ago:   General Outage 43 days ago:   eu-cloud down 28 days ago:   cant sign in to active campaign 45 days ago:   Website down… today 59 days ago:   I have been trying to log into A4A for the post 48 hours. I am currently a member with a username and password, but the login request from my server states that the site cannot be reached. I can reach other sites but ... 7 days ago:   Can't order website completey bugged. 97 days ago:   My Chrome Safari or Firefox cannot access for over a month now. I can only access on my Android phone. 48 days ago:   App n works but not deposit. Where is the money?! 1 day ago:   Website not loading. Can't see my bitches 8 days ago:   App and website currently down. About an hour now. 1 day ago:   Can't log in. Need to show dr test/x-ray and what is covered under wellness check. Hope provides this. 20 days ago:   login issues and wont update 49 days ago:   Cannot log in to site 82 days ago:   Login on website and customer service centre appears to be down, started at least 2 days ago 15 days ago:   The web site is not working correctly. I was in the middle of setting up a shop when several functions failed. I sent them two emails, with no response. Have they gone out of business? ... 30 days ago:   when i click agario it just disconnects (website) 21 days ago:   Login 3 hours ago:   App down 30 days ago:   can't book a ticket today and most pages don't work properly. tried several browsers. 1 day ago:   Order confirmation page is not working 4 days ago:   The site won't let me create an account. Anything I click on, takes me to login page for established customers. 83 days ago:   I am currently out in the Falklands, Had no problems accessing the Web site or using the app until the end of last week. I have reported this problem to customer services in the UK. Strangely i can get on other countries Aldi Web ... 114 days ago:   Unable to add items to cart 11 days ago:   "Service is unavailable" messages constantly when trying to login. Mobile app seems to work. 54 days ago:   Problem at the end of process of buying a ticket. 48 days ago:   When I try to log in , it says developer needs to update 27 days ago:   Login and app down 62 days ago:   The new homepage of the AllTrails app opens, but there is no functionality from there. The search function for hiking trails shows ‘no results’ for any place you type in. This is true for on both my iPhone and iPad. Have tried ... 2 days ago:   is not working on my side too not cool 20 days ago:   definitely having issues 41 days ago:   Amazon app disappears loading first paper 60 days ago:   Error getting orders 10 hours ago:   Haven't been able to order anything since Saturday. Just get pictures of dogs. Walmart here I come. Long time Amazon user. 16 days ago:   I can not log into my amc website in winterville n.c 24 days ago:   The web don't looks good, and some many services from the website (needed for the auto-detection tool for update/upgrade drivers) don't works. Impossible to update drivers today. 9 days ago:   Its been 2 weeks and I can't use my card to pay bills and cant get money out the ATM shit is insane 28 days ago:   Log in- "A generic error" 8 days ago:   what the heck man the site's down :( 25 days ago:   tried multiple times today to complete a purchase - not allowing me too! 62 days ago:   Down right now 13 days ago:   After I press the skip ads, it directs into another ads site instead of kwik. It's the first time it happened and I am always very cautious to know what to click. The download/direct link is nowhere to be found. ... 64 days ago:   Answerbag is NOT working anymore. 43 days ago:   dont connecto to network 1 day ago:   Payments not processed??or just mine wasnt? 5 days ago:   application page not working 55 days ago:   It is most definitely down. Cloudflare is unable to establish an SSL connection to the origin server. 2 days ago:   Pls fix website prob ASAP 2 days ago:   is aramex down? 24 days ago:   pages load fine but downloads not moving 11 days ago:   I went on the web site,yes and today,each time I tryed to pay for my item, wouldn't go through, And nobody can help 36 days ago:   Outage. Tried to get a fix time frame and they wanna charge me more just to ask when well will have internet again. What a scam. 120 days ago:   Won’t load pages, won’t show pictures, we’ve tried multiple times over several hours using different browsers on different devices on and off Wi-Fi... it’s their website and it’s maddening. Get it together ... 14 days ago:   Been trying to checkout for over 3 hours with no success! 1 hour ago:   "Oops! Something went wrong. Please select a different payment method." message in checkout in ASOS web/app when selecting Klarna payment 5 days ago:   Click on 'Make Payment" - goes to _blank_ page 67 days ago:   http status 501 - the server does not support the functionality needed to fulfill this request. 32 days ago:   Can't listen on the app 70 days ago:   Unable to stream / download podcasts. Server refuses connection. 90 days ago:   Cant print shipping labels 23 days ago:   nigger 78 days ago:   Website down 85 days ago:   video playback does not work 90 days ago:   website is down 73 days ago:   Not working on TopCashback 65 days ago:   Unable to access courses 2 days ago:   Payment page never works 43 days ago:   When I try to access AZlyrics, the web address changes to “b.azlyrics. com” and the page says “Access Denied”. What has happened here? Please help!