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Letter "s" 14 days ago:   The app just keeps crashing and the website says something about system issues 14 hours ago:   cannot check out 14 days ago:   can't login 71 days ago:   No funciona!! Y antes no tuve problemas?? 43 days ago:   Cannot log in to arrowhead pride or the greater sbnation blogs 3 days ago:   Keep getting The Login ID or Password is invalid. Even when I copy and paste to make sure it's right. 11 days ago:   Login, sharing projects and my stuff is broken 16 days ago:   have been unable to login thru google for a week now 3 days ago:   I've been trying to login on and off for 2 days and it won't let me. I clicked login several times and nothing happens. 8 days ago:   Out AGAIN!! This seems to be happening a LOT lately. Unacceptable! Much better as 3dCart before they were bought out. 60 days ago:   Searches for stations via "listen" yields nothing. 30 days ago:   Not working. Hopeless 91 days ago:   Website went down in the middle of placing an order, general outage-could not log-in again 58 days ago:   Website not accessible. 38 days ago:   502 error 2 days ago:   Website Error 2 days ago:   Contacted several techs... they have not responded with a fix! They claim t6he site is up and running! My computer says "Connecting" but it cannot find a server! 74 days ago:   Unable to get to since Sat (01.30.21) morning. Not from my PC, iPad or Android phone. Was able to log in on two occasions from phone but immediately got terminated by some unexpected error. Still down as of Monday morning ... 84 days ago:   the App is not working , i can't log in from yesterday 18 days ago:   Still not working. Should I just give up and go somewhere else? I think your IT department is in way over their heads. 63 days ago:   store down 12 days ago:   tried all of their suggested alternatives and always got the following: We are currently updating our database security. The website will be back online later today. 5 days ago:   error 522